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‘Real Supporters’? Maybe Pulis should try being a ‘Real Manager’

Tony Pulis a man of his old school ways has once again divided West Bromwich Albion fans with recent comments. The quote is taken from the Birmingham … Read More

Ranking every Albion player this season in order

The 2016/17 Premier League season has come to an end and West Bromwich Albion finished in 10th place. While the majority of fans would have taken a … Read More
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Summer wish list – The players I hope West Brom sign

West Brom have had a very good season but things are starting to fall a bit flat and the outside shot of qualifying for Europe has gone with Albion … Read More
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WBA Predicted XI – Bournemouth (H)

West Brom battled bravely at the London Stadium last time out and managed to salvage a point in the dying embers of the game thanks to a last-gasp … Read More
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WBA Predicted XI – West Ham United (A)

West Bromwich Albion make their first ever trip to the London stadium this weekend to face West Ham United in the Premier League. Backed by a strong … Read More
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WBA Predicted XI – Stoke (H)

West Bromwich Albion face Stoke City Saturday afternoon in the Premier League and despite it being two teams in form facing each other there's only … Read More
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