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Craig Dawson deserves an England call up

One West Brom player who has improved massively this season is Craig Dawson, at both ends of the pitch On the back of his two goals against … Read More

Tony Pulis: The man underneath the cap

Throughout this article, I will be indulging my emotions for Richard Anthony Pulis; aka Tony Pulis. Mr Pulis has been at the club for over two years … Read More

The 5 Best Albion Players Right Now

Throughout this slideshow, I will be going through 5 players in more detail who I think are the best players at the club right now for the … Read More
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European Football, Impossibility?

Something that has been murmured across a number of Albion fans, including Club legend (and also someone who has a Champions League winners … Read More

Craig Dawson: Albion’s New Stalwart

Craig Dawson was rewarded for his goal against Burnley and a string of excellent performances against Tottenham and Burnley with a new contract which … Read More