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Who should West Brom have signed from their summer failings?

It’s safe to say the Baggies have had an inconsistent start to the Premier League campaign. Early victories against Bournemouth and Burnley … Read More

Is Pulis’ midfield options now a cause for concern?

Considering the transfer window we have just had, initially, this seems like a really daft comment to make, however, I feel the midfield players … Read More

What is West Brom’s best starting line-up?

Now that the transfer window has been slammed shut, we now know which players Tony Pulis and his team of coaches will be working with. For me this … Read More
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One player down, four more to go!

Both Tony Pulis and Gary Megson came out recently and stated that the club are looking to make five more additions before the transfer window shuts … Read More
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Why West Brom simply must sign some attacking players

As much as Saturday's result obviously delighted me, it was clearly evident from the performance that creativity is something that West Brom are … Read More

Four possible replacements if Nacer Chadli is sold.

West Brom play-maker Nacer Chadli has been heavily linked with a move to Swansea City in recent weeks as the Swans look to replace the soon to … Read More
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