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What changes to the team sheet should the new boss make?

So, the Baggies board finally wielded the axe and got rid of head coach Tony Pulis on Monday morning. After Saturday's limp defeat at home to … Read More
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10 attacking players to turn the Baggies season around

It’s safe to say the Baggies have had a pretty torrid time so far this season. With the club currently sitting in 16th place and 1 point above the … Read More
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Who’s next if Tony Pulis gets the boot?

It’s safe to say the pressure is now well and truly on Tony Pulis. Many, including myself, thought that the defeat against Southampton would be … Read More
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Should Tony Pulis be under more pressure at West Brom?

After Monday night’s draw against Leicester City the pressure is surely beginning to mount on Tony Pulis. 10 points from eight games may not seem … Read More

Who should West Brom have signed from their summer failings?

It’s safe to say the Baggies have had an inconsistent start to the Premier League campaign. Early victories against Bournemouth and Burnley … Read More
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Is Pulis’ midfield options now a cause for concern?

Considering the transfer window we have just had, initially, this seems like a really daft comment to make, however, I feel the midfield players … Read More