On Saturday evening after a defeat away at Huddersfield, the Albion fan base turned decisively against head coach Tony Pulis.

At the best of times Pulis has divided opinion among the Albion faithful but looking at social media on Saturday it was evident that many of his long-term supporters had given up on him.

The league table does not look particularly encouraging after the start of the season and a squad which is regarded as the strongest since Pulis took over in 2015, the level of performances are below par.

With two tough fixtures to come, the picture by the end of November could look quite bleak. Against a backdrop of growing fan discontent and a team in or around the relegation zone, Pulis’ tenure would be under serious threat.

With the storm clouds gathering it might be wise for West Brom technical director Nick Hammond to look at who could be available to replace the head coach should the board decide a change is required.

The following are five possible candidates.

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