According to The Times, Jake Livermore was escorted down the West Ham tunnel after having an angry altercation in the stands with a West Ham supporter.

The England international was involved in a bust-up with a fan after he was substituted in the 64th minute in a 2-1 defeat to West Ham and was then escorted down the tunnel away from the West Ham supporters. The fan is alleged to have shouted to Livermore and a current investigation is claiming that the fan directed abuse about the players dead baby son, who died back in 2014.

West Ham ejected the fan from the stadium during the incident and the club are looking into the allegations and will work with West Brom to find out what action is required. West Brom have since sent their observations of the incident to the FA.

Livermore was also targeted with taunts about his cocaine abuse during the match at the London Stadium. The player tested positive for the drug during a drug test taken just a few months after the death of his baby son.

Catherine Ivill/Getty Images Sport

West Ham have identified the individual who shouted abuse at the midfielder and they are prepared to ban him from the London Stadium, but they want to speak to Livermore and West Brom first before taking action. The England midfielder was too angry and distraught to talk about the incident on Tuesday night.

West Brom manager Alan Pardew didn’t discuss the incident in detail last night but hinted that Livermore reacted the way he did because he was provoked.

The only thing I know is that I saw Jake in the crowd which disturbed me a bit. He wouldn’t have done that unless he was provoked severely. I’ll talk to him and we’ll go from there.

West Ham manager David Moyes also commented on the incident saying:

I genuinely didn’t see anything. I didn’t know about it, but I’ve been told something happened.