A story from Wales Online released earlier today focussed on Cardiff City fan Martin Monnes-Thomas who said he was ‘disgusted’ after he was thrown out of The Hawthorns for wearing his club’s home shirt in the home end.

Monnes-Thomas attended the game with his wife, who is a West Brom fan, but he was escorted out of the stadium just five minutes after kick-off.

He complained and used Wales Online to tell his story but these fans, including other Cardiff supporters, didn’t have much sympathy for him!

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Whilst it seems safe to assume that this Cardiff fan had no desire to cause trouble, Albion stewards were right to remove him from the ground for safety reasons.

It just takes one flashpoint or comment to cause an issue at football matches and you can’t have opposition fans in the home end. Albion stewards can’t pick and chose which away fans they allow to stay in the home end, that could be classed as discrimination.

Were WBA stewards right to kick the Cardiff fan out?