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Defending the under fire Gareth Barry

It came as quite a shock to us all when Albion captain Darren Fletcher decided he want to move on from The Hawthorns for a new challenge. Whatever … Read More

Daniel Sturridge: A worthwhile failure

When Daniel Sturridge came on for his first West Bromwich Albion appearance away to Manchester City, he brought a bit of excitement by having the … Read More

Three Albion players who will shine under new management

It's no secret that under Tony Pulis, a lot of decent players were held back by the manager's defensive style of play while others were completely … Read More

Why Chris Brunt must start for West Brom

This summer transfer window for West Bromwich Albion was simply exquisite. The signings of Jay Rodriguez, Gareth Barry, Oliver Burke, Grzegorz … Read More

A look at West Brom’s post-Romelu Lukaku strikers

It's been four seasons since Romelu Lukaku graced The Hawthorns with his presence and netted 17 Premier League goals during his loan spell. Even … Read More
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Departure of Darren Fletcher is the biggest cause for panic

When last season ended, it was a relief as West Bromwich Albion stuttered to the end of the campaign and attention could soon switch to the summer … Read More